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Welcome to ID Tech Haven, your sanctuary for tech exploration and empowerment through hackathons. Our educational services offer a supplemental immersive software development curriculum designed to teach entrepreneurship, mobile, and web development to middle through high school students.

Teens developed a promotional video to highlight their journey building their website to help the homeless population in Chicago, called DropThePercent. This is their actual work and no editing has been done to their video.

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We're empowering young minds to create, innovate, and disrupt, our program is not just about shaping the future of technology but about cultivating a generation of forward-thinking, collaborative, and empowered leaders. Partner with our ID Tech Haven, where every student experience is a step toward a brighter, tech-driven tomorrow.

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Helping to Drive the Pulse of this 21st-century Generation

We're unwavering in our commitment to lead the charge in this 21st-century revolution, awakening teens to self-empowerment, and igniting the pulse of a generation, driving them to create and shape their own future.


We provide unique digital learning experiences for teens and youth

Computational Thinking

Formulate a complex problem and solve using a technical solution through logic, analysis, and algorithmic thinking.

Digital Economy

Recognize your rights, responsibilities, and opportunities in our interconnected digital world.


Practice the Lean Startup Methodology to deliver your solution faster through experiments, iterative development and validated learning.

Software Development

Design, Deliver, Test and Validate your complex solution using SCRUM, an agile software development framework to go from idea to minimum viable product.

21st Century Skills

Possess and enhance social, emotional and cognitive skills critical for college, career and life success.

Collaborative Learning

Create, design, and develop with collaborative tools to broaden your perspective, enrich learning, and work more effectively and efficiently.

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in every teen. Through hands-on software development experiences, collaborative projects, and real-world problem-solving, we ignite a passion for innovation.

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Are You Cultivating the Next Generation of Future Leaders?

More than just a learning platform, ID Tech Haven serves as a valuable tool for educators and thought leaders, providing innovative resources to inspire and equip the next generation of tech enthusiasts.

Book a consultation with ID Tech Haven to explore innovative programs that empower students for a dynamic, tech-driven future. Let's nurture their potential and shape the leaders of tomorrow together.

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We Highlight the 'T' in STEAM

We emphasize the 'T' in STEAM because of its unique capacity to offer real-time problem-solving, innovation, and adaptability, skills that are not only essential for the digital age but also provide immediate, tangible benefits for students' future career readiness. While other areas of STEAM are undoubtedly valuable, technology stands out for its dynamic nature, consistently evolving job opportunities, and the transformative influence it has on our daily lives, making it a top priority in our curriculum

Computer science topped the list of highest paying base salaries for professionals..

Computer Science skills are ranked the as the top skills in demand by companies.

Research shows that 73% of STEM job growth will be in computer occupations..

Computer science is the only STEM field where more than half of graduates are employed in their field.

Crafted to mirror real-world software development, our program immerses students in the dynamic realms of Lean Startups and Agile software development — top frameworks embraced by disruptive entrepreneurs and leading tech companies. For our no-code programs, students collaborate using industry-standard tools like Figma for design, Trello for Project Management, WordPress for web design, and engage with APIs and OpenData sets. Prepare your teens for the tech-driven future with practical skills and hands-on experiences with a partnership with ID.Academy

Vea Glenn

CEO/ Founder